Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
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As thougt by Shri K Pattabhi Jois

Sun Salutation A - Surya Namaskara A

Sun Salutation B - Surya Namaskara B
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Ashtanga Yoga Standing Sequence

ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Seated Sequence

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Ashtanga Yoga Finishing Sequence

ashtanga yoga series
Ashtanga Yoga, for many the most complex, difficult and demanding form of yoga exercise and also the most beautiful and rich benefits.
We achieve an overall improvement in fitness, increase our power and reach an enviable flexibility soon enough with the commitment to regular exercise. Nevertheless, above all, breathing exercise and therefore very cordial aerobic exercise . Designed and inspired by Pattabhi Jois consists of six workouts with full instructions and precise details of every move each turn, each Asana combined with the breath of ashtanga unjiaja even know and most of the body should direct our gaze at each position called Drishtis.

Each exercise is a difficult exercise in connection with a Vinyasa next thus creating flow or exercise. In ashtanga yoga have their eyes always open, that does not mean that there is no concentration, just learn to be able to concentrate into the flow of the program and with open eyes. Add in the exercise along with the breath to activate the first two bandas opposed to Hatha yoga in which the bandas applied for holding breath.
The application of the bandas adds to the body temperature and increases the concentration to be able to achieve the great flexibility and convenience that calls the program on course. Please note that only few people manage to exercise the third series of ashtanga yoga.

The exercise program lasts two hours, to an accuracy of 100 up to 110 minutes of intense exercise and 10 minutes relaxation in lying position relaxation of yoga. In my opinion this is the most important and should be respected, even if for each Asana do a much easier variation , it is important to the entire program and to breathe for two hours in the way of ashtanga. It is not unlikely at the beginning to find that the breathing is more difficult than the exercise .
Br> In my opinion you do ashtanga yoga when you do the whole program, not when just choose some items from ashtanga yoga and putting in random order. Not when you give an ashtanga yoga your own interpretation as to how to get in standing positions. Not if you do confuse the right to the left site . You even donít do yoga if you do not breathe on a whole program, even with a simple breathing . Not if you do not connect the Asana at list with an easy Vinyasa modification . Not doing ashtanga because just at the start the class make a reference to Pattabhi Jois. You donít do ashtanga yoga if you start with only 3 sun salutations , you must do 5 +5 , if you get tired make a brake and breathe than continue but you have to do 5 + 5 .

The challenge of Ashtanga Yoga is applying correctly the breathing and concentration to control body temperature, with Asana and next Asana to be in a continuous flow to you with each inhalation to apply all your strength in the muscle groups required by each position with each exhalation just to relax those muscles. So you work within each Asana to go a little further down with each breath and relax each exhalation .
When you get this balance and smooth flow of the program able to feel that the position gets more comfortable, improving constantly, the whole program exits without realizing it, enjoy it, have managed to open your breathing ability , have trained all your body, you strengthen all your muscles while you relax ligaments muscles just enough to be flexible , you have passed the concentration on your body for almost two hours, you do the whole program of Ashtanga Yoga you are glad you feel beautiful.

Ashtanga yoga, described as an athletic form of yoga exercise. That is correct in my opinion, does not mean that it is only for athletes in general or only for those who active in sports.
Unlike just about anyone who does not exercise at all and wants to change his routine, for him asthanga yoga is definitely a big challenge will be particularly difficult in the beginning, you will need perseverance, great effort and more insistence, again and again ... ashtanga results are visible, they come very quickly with regular exercise is needed 4 to 6 times a week exercise, in a few weeks have changed everything ,it is like a miracle, how quickly you get on the progress doing regular the exercise.
Please note that ashtanga yoga for all who try, is in principle very difficult, even for other style yoga teachers .

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