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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
as passed on by Sri K Pattabhi Jois

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Angelika Knoerzer
yoga director
Yoga and our approach
At North Sydney Yoga we would like to give you the space to come and practise an ancient science from India - Yoga.

The practice of Yoga aligns the body,improves posture,encourages correct breathing, helps to reduce stress, brings deep relaxation, and if you wish,a guide to spiritual growth. Through regular yoga practice,the body becomes healthier, fitter and stronger and the mind experiences clarity, focus and tranquility.

Yoga is a study of the Self that draws together body,mind and spirit in health, knowledge and peace.

Our classes are intimate and are conducted in a friendly,welcoming and supportive manner, with much care given to your individual needs.

North Sydney Yoga teaches the traditional Astanga Vinyasa Yoga method. We believe that consistent and ongoing regular practice of the correct method can truly change your life on all levels. Our teachers are passionate and dedicated practitioners,providing the necessary skills and integrity,to allow us to commit ourselves fully to the growth of our students.

We pay a lot of attention to the correct use of the breath linked with movement, and the bandhas (muscle seals),the aid to detoxify and realign the body, which make this yoga so powerful.

By diligently introducing the correct alignment in postures from the very beginning, we help you to safely, smoothly,and steadily grow in your practice.Yoga is a holistic discipline,which we have chosen because it not only provides us with a healthy,lean, and fit body, but it works on our minds, helping us grow spiritually and mentally. This aspect is of great importance to us.

Everybody, at any stage in his or her life with any condition, can practise yoga. It’s beauty lies in it giving you the power to change your life yourself, with fun, effort and sweat. We firmly believe and have faith in this beautiful discipline,and we would love to introduce you to it or take you further in deepening your practice.

North Sydney Yoga 144 Blues Point Rd McMahons Point NSW 2060 Sydney
Australia. Tel: 02 99571855