Dynamic Muvement Yoga

Beata Alfoldi - Waverly Australia

Dynamic Movement Yoga is an inspiring, invigorating and strengthening form of yoga that combines the fluidity,grace and alignment of dance with the flowing style of Vinyasa yoga.This unique form of yoga combines traditional asanas and breathing techniques with movement and music to create a dynamic, athletic and graceful yoga practice.
Created by Beata Alfoldi, her intention with Dynamic Movement Yoga is to provide,"A modality in which people can heal them selves through movement of the body and there by experience liberation of the mind.  It is designed to allow the full expression of one's creative life force.”

Beata started dancing at the age of four and practicing yoga at the age of eighteen while completing her Bachelor of Artsin Dance.After eight years in London's West End performing in the musicals of Cats,Mack and Mabel and Hey,Mr Producer, it was through yoga that Beata healed a chronic back problem and asa result began to sculpt the kind of body that her 31 years of dance could not achieve.    

These changes inspired her becoming a certified yoga teacher. She has studied different disciplines of yoga with world class practitioners such as Donna Farhi, Shandor Remete, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss and received her international yoga~accreditation with Katie Spears at Samadhi Yoga.
While maintaining an obvious respect for traditional yoga practice, Beata's experience has prompted her to develop a unique style of her own –one that integrates her dance, performing arts and teaching background with her yoga teacher training. The result is "Dynamic Movement Yoga".

According to a National Health Survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics,"One in three adults suffers from moderate to extreme stress,represent ingan increase of nearly 40% in just 4 years" -a fact that easily explains why more people are wanting to practice yoga.
Beata is best known for her dynamic and passionate teaching style that incorporatesa deep empathy and compassion for her student's individual needs and abilities- a fact that easily explains why more people are want ingto practice Dynamic Movement Yoga.
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