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Chris  La Valle

Hatha Yoga

Yogatherapy Disabled people
Private classes or very small groups

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Espacio Chris La Valle has been designed for very busy people,or for those who don`t like large group classes, offering the possibility of being evaluated by health physicians in case you want to follow a yogatherapy program.Besides it is the only place in Buenos Aires where classes can be taught in English, Spanish, Italian and Sign Language.Hatha yoga and Dynamic yoga. We also specialize in Disabled People,(Down Syndrome,Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Autism,Attention Deficit Disorder,ADHD,Learning Disabilities,Deaf, Blind,Handicapped people,Aphasy,etc)We work together with a Medical Center where each person receives medical care according to his/her pathology.See website. Personalized Classes or very small group classes (up to four people).Classes can be done at the Center or at the place you are staying. (hotel, apartment).We also offer Yoga classes for Children,Yoga for Babies (and Yoga for Babies together with their moms and dads), Water yoga, Art Therapy, Meditation, Sessions of Reiki and Healing.etc. There are courses designed for yoga instructors,students or parents of children with special needs.Consult for other courses you may be also interested according to our activities. Retreats. Trips. Trip to India 2007.
Espacio Chris La Valle - French 2751 -Capital Federal,Buenos Aires 1425 -Argentina
Phone: (5411)4962 0957 office hours