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diana colonna suryasakti - yoga
studied yoga for over 20 years from great masters at the Jivamukti Yoga Center, teachers like Eddie Stern, John Scott, David Williams, Danny Paradise and Michael Gannon. All that experience led her to become a teacher herself and she completed yoga teacher training course at the Synergy Yoga Center in Miami, FL.

Diana spent years in front of the computer before (her profession is web/graphic designer, and she has an MA in philosophy) realizing she was missing the inner-looking purpose in her career as well as just plain physical exercise.A decade in high-powered business arenas in Salt Lake City, New York and Miami brought her to realization that she has to make a change in her lifeand devote more effort to practicing yoga.

She believes that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything at any age. She supports the idea that yoga's transformational powers - physical, mental and spiritual, are available to all, slowly, through a regular practice.

After living in the USA for 12 years, she returned to Ljubljana, Slovenia, her native country with an idea to guide others from distress to "de-stress”, from disease to "ease". She combined her knowledge of philosophy with love for yoga and in the year 2003 opened a Suryasakti Yoga Studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Interest in her yoga classes these days is enormous, classes are full--she gives private lessons for individuals, dance groups, theater performers and media people. She published 2 yoga practice DVDs (Ashtanga and Suryasakti) and an audio CD (Suryasakti yoga practice).

She organizes yoga teacher training program, through which she has already educated over 40 new yoga teachers in Slovenia. Her school is authorized by the International Yoga Federation and European Yoga Alliance.

In the summer of 2004 she was awarded a grant from the European foundation for professional training program - Leonardo da Vinci, to further her knowledge in yoga and healthy living.

She regularly organizes workshops in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with world-renowned Ashtanga yoga teachers such as David Williams and Michael Gannon and an Iyengar yoga teacher Michela Franci.

She participates in the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce with new regulation and standardization of yoga and alternative medicine and is one of the evaluators on the exams offered through them.

After spending 6 months in Dalian, China, where she was introducing Ashtanga and Suryasakti yoga to Chinese people, she moved to Urawa, Japan, where she currently lives. She combines her yoga teaching with studying traditional Asian medicine and ancient ways of healthy living.