Yoga on Maui, Hawaii

Janet Meredith
woman, artist, student, mother, yogini, teacher,lover, leo, passionate, intuitive, dancer, facilitator



These are just a few words that describe Janet Meredith.Having been
involved in alternative healing and personal growth exploration for 26
years, the results of this path have led her to the realization of the
importance of living a pure, clean and balanced lifestyle.

"Yoga ceases the fluctuations of the mind" states the first yoga sutra.
Janet Meredith, RYT, AP attended her first yoga class in 1978,after
that she competed in gymnastics and was a ballet dancer with a small
local company where she lived. Since 1992 she has been a consistent
yoga student and has witnessed first hand how yoga can transform one's
life from the inside out. This has become her mantra. Striving to be
the best she can, Janet has trained with some of the yoga community's
most renowned teachers.Her teaching style is best described as
light-hearted and fun with emphasis on proper alignment to prevent
injury.  She continues to travel to learn and also to share her
experiences with others worldwide and is became a registered teacher
with the Yoga Alliance in 2000.

Janet offers private and group yoga instruction as well as adventure
retreats nationally and internationally. Currently she is  living on
the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii and is available to those living
on Maui and Lanai.

Always the student, in 1996 she became licensed as an Acupuncture
Physician and also completed training in Basic and Advanced Hypnosis
and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In 2004 she attended Naropa
University located in Boulder,Colorado in order to further satiate her
desire to learn more about Buddhist studies and healing dance. Today,
she continues to facilitate others toward a path of wellness.

An emerging artist, Janet began creating jewelry as a direct result of
unleashing awareness through yoga and chanting. All designs are unique
and contain gemstones from Mother Earth.Her sincere desire is that
you enjoy these pieces of art as much as she embraces creating them.
Please contact for photos of the current collection.

Janet also expresses herself through photography. Those images are also
available for purchase either in the form of matted and framed prints
or greeting cards. Art is always a wonderful gift and of course a
lovely addition to your own collection.

At present Janet can be found travelling, teaching and expanding her
spiritual life. She encourages her students to explore their own
inherent potential.

For additional information or to participate in one of her
yoga/adventure retreats, please visit

"If my students walk away with a new piece of information or view the
world from a slightly different angle, it makes everything I do worthwhile".

Honor yourself and others.

thai yoga
wide leg forward bend
yoga asana

Janet Meredith, AP, RYT
   Maui, Hawaii