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Hatha yoga classes in Tonbridge and Gravesend, Kent.-Yoga Retreat in Los Limoneros Malaga Adalusia
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Achieve peace and unity with me. Yoga is a technique for leading a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle in the world of today where the stresses are high and leisure becoming less. Yoga can bring stability to body, mind and soul. It is a tool for radical change and self development. I organise programmes for the corporate world, men, women, children and babies.

Live yoga and have a richer and more fulfilling life.

Phyll Holmes
Holistic Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Psychotherapist, Dancer, Reiki Master, Teacher. Yoga has been in her life since 1973. In 2003 she started the Yoga Retreat in a stunning area of Southern Spain and run a Holistic Practicein UK.She has given lectures and classes on Self Development, Careers ,Yoga and Dance in Spain, USA, UK and New Zealand.
Come and spend a week or even a few days at Los Limoneros.  Yoga and therapy packages to suit your taste or come and rest and enjoy tranquility.

Our Yoga Retreat is a place for peace, yoga, meditation and fun. Phyll teaches twice daily, 4 hrs of Hatha Yoga at your own level and pace with meditation.  there are pleasant mountain and river walks.
Other therapies on offer include Reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, counselling, coaching and activities-Horse riding, Pottery, both taken afew kilometres away.
Relaxation is a must by the pool or in quiet spots in the gardens.
Food is delightful, breakfast included in booking please call for more information and dates.

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