Rhonda Comparin
Yoga ~ Pilates
Destin , Florida
Yoga ~ Pilates by the Sea Destin, Florida
Vinyasa Yoga ~Beach Yoga Classes



Yoga Flow~ a fluid yoga practice drawn from many yoga styles and traditions.  Gracefully linking one posture to the next in a slow asana flow, while encouraging attention and awareness to the breath and alignment of the spine. Allowing us to step out of our heads and get grounded back into our spirits. A physical yet relaxing practice that focuses on strength, flexibility and balance, an opportunity to bring openness, lightness and release to any areas in the body that are blocked by tension. Its not about how far you go into a pose, its about being where you are at the present moment as fully as possible. Modifications are taught for all levels of ability, needs and requests of participants. Set in the ideal atmosphere to find a deep sense of wellbeing and inner strength. You will leave renewed and ready for the day.

Power Yoga~ moving meditation in action, for those who want to take it to the next level.  A fun, moving yoga practice based on  Vinyasa Yoga- (linking fluid movement with the breath, geared toward building endurance and strength, generating heat  increasing the release of toxins)  A creative blend and sequencing flow of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, emphasizing forward bends, hip and shoulder openers and upper body strengthening. Some hard and challenging and some soft and restorative. Joy is the natural outcome when you learn to orchestrate the intensity of the practice by listening to your breath, by playing the edge between pleasure and challenge, when you find balance, strength and flexibility among the body, heart, mind and spirit. The level and sequence of postures are in accordance with the energy of the class. You will leave rejuvenated
contact Rhonda : rcomparin@cox.net  or call 850-897-3788