Yoga with Shanti Kumari Johnson in Chicago

Shanti Kumari focuses the students’attention on themselves through yoga as a way to accept our bodies, our spirit and our natural way of being. Through asana(physical postures), mudras(hand and body gestures), mantras(sound chanting), swaras and pranayama (breathing awareness) students will attain a profound connection with self.

The two-hour sessions of yoga are designed for those who have a lot of experience with yoga and those who will attend class for the very first time. Shanti offers special attention to preventive wellness.

Shanti Kumari was born in Mexico City. From her East Indian heritage she acquired her yoga practice through her maternal grandfather, who would rise at 4:00AM daily to recite and practice yoga cleansing. Shanti’s mother gave her the gift of yoga. Shanti has taught yoga at professional dance institutions in Mexico City, Turkey, Canada, Chicago, Arkansas, and New Orleans. She also offers private and semi-private classes.

Shanti Kumari Johnson
P.O Box 8019
Chicago, Illinois 60602-8019

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