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look after yourself – enjoy life
For more info call Simone on 07789 813481
Dennistoun - Glasgow - Scotland                     
Every's body, mind and spirit is truly unique and deserves your full attention with the guidance of one of our experienced and personable Yoga teachers.   
* Ease Back pain permanently – Prevent / recover from injuries       
logo Croatia Holiday –Ashtanga Yoga Retreat
with Simone Moir at the Island of Hvar in Dalmatia Croatia .
Unique opportunity to combine a great vacation destination with an inner journey to discover Yoga and the depth of your body mind and spirit. First week in June only limited spaces available

* Increase your energy - Reduce Stress and Tension
* Strengthens circulatory -, nervous - and immune system     
* Reduce stress symptoms and cause
* Gain Flexibility - Improve posture
*Assist fat loss / Hormonal balance
* Detoxify and tone organs
* Cardiovascular rehabilitation
* Sleeping disorders - Insomnia
* Gain core strength, joint stability, coordination and balance
* Aid Chronic illnesses and conditions (Cancer, Asthma,Insomnia, HIV…)
* Preparation for pregnancy, and natal work
* Ease Depression and Anxieties...
Also offers Personal Detoxification Programs - Prices ranging between £20- £45per session
The ultimate hangover cure - Aqua foot detox - A footbath with a magnetic field which pulls all the gunk out and leaves you energized
Clear your head - Hopi Ear candling - A chimney effect that balances pressure of the inner ear
Stuck with dry sinuses?  Jale neti - sinuses wash,removes blockages andleaves you mentally more alert
Held back by Asthma ? Great results with Pranayama breathing exercises to getrid of stale air and rejuvenate
STRESSED OUT ?  Meditation and relaxation techniques– for every kind of personality
Restricted by Phobias, emotional Problems or Traumas? Emotional Freedom Technique      
Irritated by your bowels? Ayurvedic diet advice and an intestinal cleanse willwork wonders
Fed up with having no energy by the end of the day .             Reiki Energy therapy                           Balance the body’s energies to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated,reduce stress and give all youbodily systems a boost of energy.

My One on One Yoga
look after yourself – enjoy life
For more info call Simone on 07789 813481
Dennistoun - Glasgow