yoga place london  

Astanga Vinyasa Yoga
Integral Yoga
Body of Light Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Shadow Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
Dynamic Yoga
Pregnancy yoga
classes in breath awareness (pranayama)
meditation (dharana)& Yoga philosophy

Yoga Place, 1st Floor, 449-453 Bethnal Green Road, London E2        20) 7739 5195 

Yoga Place is a beautiful, light & spacious environment, dedicated to the study & practice of Yoga. We have been open for over 6 years,and are situated very close to the fashionable Brick Lane, Shoreditch areas of East London.  We offer Yoga classes, courses & workshops.  Our program includes, amongst other styles, Astanga Vinyasa (including early morning Mysore sessions), Integral, Body of Light, Hatha, Shadow, Vinyasa Flow, Dynamicand Pregnancy yoga.  We also offer specialist classes in breath awareness(pranayama), meditation (dharana) & Yoga philosophy.
yoga london