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Hatha Yoga works by releasing tension from the mind and body. Theposes help stretch and tone muscles, joints and the spine, improving posture,which leads to a sense of self-confidence and improved physical health. Energy levels increase through the release of tension. The Yoga breathing exercises quieten the mind; calm the emotions, and through increased oxygen intake,nourishes all the cells of the body. Relaxation and meditation practice increase mental alertness and encourage a positive and peaceful frame of mind.
You can expect from your continued Yoga practice an improvement of your general well being, perhaps release from back pain, freedom from insomnia, indigestion or tension headaches, and more confidence and will power. In time with regular practise, you will notice a change from deep within, a growing awareness of a state of inner peace. Yoga works slowly and gently, so you need to bepatient. Yoga is very powerful, much like the way water gradually can changethe shape of a rock or cliff, likewise Yoga gently changes our state, from negative or unwell to positive and vibrant.
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About the teacher 
Saraswati (who was given her name by Swami Vishnu Devananda), has been practicing Yoga in one form or another for thirty four years, since she was seventeen. She has, during that time, trained with several masters and leading organizations.

She teaches, and has trained mainly in Hatha Yoga, but also practises and teaches other forms, such as Raja, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga and particularily enjoys Nada Yoga (chanting and drumming). She has qualified to teach Yoga with The British School of Yoga, The Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Ashrams,The Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship and the hatha and nada master Yogi Hari.

Saraswati is the owner and director of The Yoga Studio Sutton, Surrey, and also Chairperson and Education Co-ordinator of The Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship. She has also designed and runs the Yoga Studio's teacher's training programme. As well as teaching Yoga, she enjoys, and finds it a priviledge, training Yoga teachers to continue the important task of creating a more peaceful society.

Saraswati has been teaching Yoga for twenty years, and particularly enjoys running the yearly Yoga retreats, as she believes such opportunities allow us to really open our hearts to Yoga in a safe environment, without all the daily distractions that we encounter at home. Her own experience of retreats has given her a sense of solidity in her personal practice and she hopes to be able to share this experience with like-minded Yoga lovers.

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