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Elizabeth Connolly
BKS Iyengar Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Penzance- Cornwall  U.K

Yoga - Elizabeth Connolly
One of Europe's most
experienced yoga teachers, Elizabeth has been teaching yoga since 1978 and training teachers since 1982, All over Europe.
Her classes are dynamic, exacting and informative. Having studied both Iyengar and Ashtanga to great depth, her classes have a strong emphasis on technique. One of her great abilities as a teacher is to help people break through their barriers, achieve their full potential and empower themselves as individuals. Elizabeth has a formidable reputation and attracts students from all over the world to study with her.
yoga teacher training at yoga farm
Yoga Teacher Training
with Elizabeth Connolly in Penzance, Cornwall at the Yoga Farm

Yoga Work Shops -
starting soon Part 1: Saturday 10th- Wednesday 14th December 2005 Contact Vibeke at phone # 0047 936 11 302 or e-mail Visit

yoga in oslo
Yoga Teacher training in Oslo

Visiting Teachers
at Yoga Farm

Christine Hoar from USA will be holding a 5 day Second Series workshop from the 21st October, 2005

Edward Clark, the fabulous teacher from Tripsichore, will be conducting classes on Thursday 27th December through to Sunday 8th January .Cost for all tuition 350, day price 40, or 25 per class. Two classes per day: 8am start and again at 5pm.
yoga farm u.k.
'YOGAFARM' in the parish of Madron is situated
the north and south coast of West Cornwall's narrow
peninsular, almost an island of interesting,secluded
coves and superb beaches.

For those who wish to come and enjoy the lavish accommodation at the farm, with or without doing any yoga, are invited to relax in the serene surroundings, sample the fabulous organic food at the conservatory restaurant and appreciate and experience the natural setting and stunning views overlooking Mounts Bay and area. Yogafarm provides a pampering get away as well as the opportunity to improve yoga practice. From nearby surfing beaches to ancient Celt ruins, this area of Cornwall has much to offer for all tastes and adventurers.

Contact Information : email: - phone: 01736 361 301-
web: http://
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